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ADSL provides permanent Internet connectivity with speeds up to 40 times faster than a standard modem.  Installed on a standard phone line, it provides you with simultaneous telephony and unmetered, fixed charge Internet connectivity – you can talk/fax and transfer files simultaneously.


Just compare download times for a  2 Mb file from the Internet è


28.8 Modem

33.6 Modem

56.6 Modem




9 mins 42 secs

8 mins 18 secs

4 mins 56 secs

2 min 10 secs

32 seconds

6 seconds


What is ADSL?


Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) is a permanent, high-speed digital connection run on a standard analogue phone line. The installation of an ADSL modem and splitter in both the telephone exchange and on your premises converts the twisted copper pairs into a permanent high-speed digital connection to the net. It allows voice calls to be made on a standard telephone at the same time as accessing the Internet.


ADSL provides you with:


l         Always on 24x7 connectivity

l         A fixed IP address(es) denoting your own distinct presence on the net

l         Instant access to email and web

l         Fixed rate unmetered internet access

l         Simultaneous Internet and phone usage

l         24- hour technical support service


ADSL is a contended service, which means you will share the available bandwidth with a number of other users. This will effect the amount of bandwidth available to you dependent on the number of other users online at any given time. Contention ratios for business broadband include 20:1, meaning up to 19 other users will share your bandwidth, 5:1 and 1:1.


What are the benefits?


l         Permanent access to the Internet allows your business to be in constant communication with your customers and business partners

l         Fast, reliable service gives your business the power to sharpen its competitive edge

l         High bandwidth capability enables you to rapidly transfer large documents and download software, maximising your investment in IT

l         Network capability provides fast multiple user access boosting employee productivity

l         Simultaneous access to the internet and telephone or fax line increases your business efficiency

l         Unmetered Internet access allows more effective budgetary control

l         Uncontended ADSL – guaranteed unshared bandwidth at all times

l         DataStream – Provides dedicated ADSL connectivity for your home workers, small branches and other stakeholders, supports ATM-based high-speed digital transmissions. Can be configured to provide corporate and public sector organisations with a secure and resilient VPN (virtual private network) solution, converged solution, VoIP and even video over IP. Can be offered as a fully managed service.

l         SDSL – Another viable alternative to the traditional leased lines that offers a high upload as well as download bandwidth plus all the associated benefits of broadband.

What equipment do I need?


An ADSL service requires a standard analogue phone line provided by BT, two dedicated wall mains sockets within 2 metres of the master phone socket and a PC with the recommended minimum specification:


l         A 10 base T Ethernet card or USB for single users

l         TCP/IP communications stack

l         Internet Explorer 4 or above with JavaScript enabled

l         200MHz Pentium II or equivalent

l         32MB RAM

l         50MB available HDD space

l         SVGA monitor

l         Windows 95 or above

IMPORTANT: Please note that the following are not compatible with ADSL:


l         ISDN – (will need to convert back to standard line)

l         BT Highway

l         PBX lines

l         Pulse Metering Facilities

l         Coin box

l         Any line provided by a provider other than BT


ADSL may affect other services on the telephone line such as security systems and we strongly advise you to have these services tested once ADSL has been installed.

So how does ADSL compare with ISDN or leased lines?


ISDN involves paying a fixed line rental in addition to incurring call charges for usage. Both ADSL and leased lines offer always on connections and you pay a fixed flat fee. A leased line is typically more expensive than ADSL but guarantees bandwidth in both directions and is therefore suitable for applications that involve heavy use in both download and upload of data. ADSL is asymmetrical and offers far greater speeds downloading up to 2000Kbps compared to 256Kbps uploading. ISDN is limited to a maximum speed of 128Kbps.





Dial Up


Leased Line


  Additional Call Charges





  Simultaneous Voice Calls on same line





  Always On Connection





  Multi User Connectivity Option on same Line





  Receive Real Time email





  Minimum Contract Term









Huge cost savings in addition to speed:


Monthly Rental*

Time connected to the Internet based on a 20 day month

Monthly Internet Call Charges*

Annual Total

Annual savings with ADSL



1 user (2 hrs per day)  Low usage



Low Usage



Always-On  ( up to 15 users )






4 users (2 hrs per day)  Medium usage



Medium Usage



Always-On ( up to 50 users )





*Based on BT’s most popular ISDN 2e offering. Call charges assume 2 hrs Internet usage per ‘user’ per working day.




How many computers can I connect to a single ADSL connection?


ADSL is delivered with a modem/router which when linked to your existing network, will provide simultaneous Internet connectivity to all the workstations on your network.

Is it possible to host a web server using ADSL?


Technically Yes, But this is not recommended. A web server’s task is to upload data as quickly as possible and as ADSL has a maximum upload speed of 256Kbs (which is also contended), ADSL does not provide the best option. A leased line or web hosting package would be more suitable. For details contact us on 0870 900 9092

Where is it available?


ADSL is now available to the majority of UK homes and businesses with coverage at around 99% of homes and businesses.
To check the availability of ADSL in your area, simply email your postcode and telephone number to us at


Please note that we cannot guarantee installation of ADSL on your telephone line, even if on an ADSL equipped BT exchange.  ADSL requires a high quality line within 3km of the exchange and BT will refuse to accept orders on lines that do not meet their criteria for installation.

Your options:


The ADSL package comes with the choice of three capacity levels – 500 Kbps, 1Mbps or 2 Mbps. It also comes with the option of NAT or No NAT, and whether you choose it or not will depend on your requirements and priorities. Here are the pros and cons:






With the NAT option, all the computers on your premises have their own individual and private IP address. NAT then converts these into one global IP address.

h   NAT is more secure, as internal PCs in your private network cannot be seen by the public via the  Internet

h   Efficient use of global IP address as only one is required

h  You can easily add PCs to your local network without the need for additional global IP addresses.

h  You cannot host your own e-mail or web servers because the individual PCs are not identifiable from the web

h  As there is only one global IP address, you cannot receive e-mail on individual machines. However, if you choose this option, we are able to host your e-mail system and web space on the carriers network.


If you decide against the NAT option, each PC is assigned its own public IP address.

h  Each PC has a direct connection to the Internet and can be seen from the Internet

h  You can receive e-mail on individual PCs

h  You have the ability to host your own e-mail or web servers because each PC has its own global IP address.

h  All PCs are vulnerable to security risks as their global IP addresses are all

public facing. You will need a firewall to protect your PCs

h  Inefficient use of global IP addresses.


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