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As of June 25th 2004, Direct marketers from sole traders to PLCs are now under a legal requirement to check and comply with Corporate TPS (Telephone Preference Service) registrations or risk a fine of up to £5000.

The extension of the TPS to include businesses will now affect every organisation involved in telesales, yet, only a small proportion of UK businesses fully understand the new TPS legislation. Even less actually know how to comply.

Smarttalk Communications has a simple solution that ensures your employees do not break the law, removing the  risk  of potential fines of up to £5,000 for talking to the wrong people.


l        You can no longer make unsolicited calls to just any number you see on a letterhead, in the yellow pages or a web site for example, without first checking that it is not opted-out.

l        You can no longer make unsolicited calls to numbers held in your own databases, contact management systems etc without first checking that they are not opted-out.

A week after it was launched, the Corporate Telephone Preference Service generated over 20,000 registrations. This figure is in addition to the 4 million individual/consumer telephone numbers already on the basic TPS register. According to Tessa Kelly, director of compliance operations at the DMA, registrations could reach 16%. This indicates that unless telephone numbers are checked against Corporate TPS before calling, then up to 1 in every 6 sales calls will be to a number that is an opt-out.
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l        Purchase the TPS list (updated monthly) for an annual licence of £11,250 for the complete list down to £3,750 for just corporate registrations. Cleanse each an every list you intend to use on a month to month basis.

l        Subscribe to a list-cleansing agency – costs vary – typically 1p per number checked.

l        Use a carrier for your outbound calls that has in-built TPS Call Barring facilities that automatically suppress calls to TPS registered numbers - the hasstle free option



Smarttalk Communications, in response to the rapid expansion of the TPS list, offer a FREE, hassle free, call suppression service for businesses that wish to remain Corporate TPS compliant.
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The service works via carrier pre-select and each call made is automatically screened against the TPS database during call set up, within the telephone network, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Each month the updated TPS list is uploaded to the telephone call barring tables which sits on the phone network and, if a TPS number has been dialled unknowingly, a recorded message will confirm the number has been barred.


NOTE; The service has proved so accurate that we are willing to accept all liabilities in the unlikely event a TPS registered number is dialled using our service.

No extra equipment is required to benefit fron this service and many of our clients use it as a backup to other cleansing activities. For example, our service will block calls to newly registered numbers contained in a list that had not been checked against the TPS or Corporate TPS for two months.

For more info (Adobe Reader required) DOWNLOAD our Corporate TPS Faxback Enquiry Form now.

Alternatively call 0870 900 9092 or email any queries to


1.       The Telephone Preference Service (TPS) is an opt-out register for subscribers who do not want to receive unsolicited direct marketing by phone. The TPS was originally introduced for private subscribers and has operated on a statutory basis since 1999. The amended regulations allows all business types to join the register. The legislation now in force requires any company making sales calls to pre-screen its contacts against the register before it makes that call. Failure to comply with this legislation could result in legal action against your company and a fine of up to £5,000 per complaint. Working experience of the original scheme shows that registration is a very effective way of preventing cold calls to phone subscribers who do not want them. For more info (Adobe Reader required) DOWNLOAD the Government Guidance Document now or visit

2.       Registration is free for corporate subscribers, as it is for individuals. However, corporate subscribers will be required to register in writing in order to safeguard against bogus or inappropriate registrations.

3.       SMARTtalk’s carrier based service is provided within the telephone network under a bespoke licence agreement with the DMA (who currently manage the TPS & Corporate TPS lists). This arrangement enables our clients to remain Corporate TPS compliant without subscribing to the DMA or the hassles normally associated with cleansing lists.



The new legislation poses a serious problem for all businesses that sell to other businesses, as they will have to check every number they want to call against the TPS opt-out list before they call it. On the positive side, the cleansing process need not be such an issue –

(i)                   SMARTtalk offer a seamless carrier-based solution that provides a failsafe guarantee of compliance and eliminates the need to manually cleanse data prior to making calls.

(ii)                 SMARTtalk's service is provided 'free of charge'. Our clients simply pay for their outbound calls through us at the same call rates if not lower than those they paid previously.

(iii)                SMARTtalk’s carrier pre-select TPS barring service is available with NO set-up costs, NO minimum contracts to commit to, NO subscription or service charges, NO additional equipment, NO software, NO disruption to your current phone service and NO reduction in service levels.

(iv)                SMARTtalk provide businesses of all types with the opportunity to remain TPS compliant 'free of charge'. It stops calls toTPS registered numbers without the cost and complexity associated with an in-house solution. It eliminates the need to acquire the TPS database, perform monthly updates and cleanse lists, and it is proving to be the most hassle free way to remain TPS compliant.

For more info call 0870 900 9092 or email any queries to

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