How InstantSaver works

How InstantSaver works

InstantSaver is a revolutionary instant dial service, allowing you to make savings on calls to destinations worldwide, right here, right now - without the need to open an account or give any credit card details or get yet another bill through your door. All you need is a phone, the relevant instant dial access number and someone to call!

How to make the Call

1) Dial the relevant InstantSaver access number for the country you wish to call (from the list on this web site)

2) At any time during the message you hear, dial your destination number in full including the international dialing code. And thatís it Ė no pin numbers, no credit cards, no registrations

3) That's it, you're connected - There's no accounts to open or extra bills to pay and for convenience, you can put the Access Number in your phoneís memory or mobile

* Remember you can dial your destination number at any time during the prompt.

How you pay for the calls you make

When you make a call via Instantsaver you only pay for calling one of the InstantSaver access numbers. It is your service provider (BT, Cable or Mobile phone network) that will charge you - not us. So for example, if you made a 5 minute call to US in the evening from a BT phone, then next time you got your BT bill you would see a call to our 0870 number, a duration of 5 minutes and a charge of 20p and absolutely no charges by us. Simple!

The prices shown on this site are BT's charges per minute for calling the InstantSaver access number and you are charged per second from connection to the InstantSaver service. Prices are similar for cable lines.
You will pay your current phone company for calling our access numbers. There are no further charges from us so you will not receive any bill from us.

How is this possible?

Because when you use an 0870 number for example, your mobile or telephone company has to pay some of what it charges you to the 0870 number operator (thatís us) and this allows us to cover the cost of your international call to e.g. USA and make a small profit. And itís considerably cheaper than paying the standard international rates your mobile or telephone company charges for international calls.

Does the international number appear on the bill?

No, the destination will not appear on your bill, only the Access Number number.