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SMARTreach comprises of a number of modules that can be mixed & matched to suit specific needs. Just click on the graphic to read more...

mobile messaging module - simple, cost-effective ways to communicate with/organise your mobile workforce

Two-way PC or Laptop text messaging to enhance contact with your mobile workforce. Manage your messages in exactly the same way you manage email in Outlook. Maximise staff productivity by scheduling and logging of remote resources.
team tracker module - discretely pin-points/tracks a registered mobile phone via a zoom-in digital map

Want to know where your sales, field agents or general workforce is at the moment? Track registered mobiles from any PC or Laptop at the click of a button - NO extra hardware required.
mobile marketing module - fully featured inbound/outbound bulk text messaging module for opt-in/customer initiated text marketing campaigns

Send thousands of texts in an instant. Create an inbound text campaign from your desktop - keyword specific actions to automate data collection e.g. house nos & postcodes, run votes & competitions, manage subscriptions and much much more....
GPS fleet management

The latest in fully-featured GPS fleet management technology allows you to manage the activity of your entire fleet with extreme accuracy. Features including live tracking & snail trails
bespoke solutions to benefit your business Discuss with SMARTreach professionals how the latest technology can started saving your business money and maximising the efficiency of your workforce.

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