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Carrier Pre-select

CPS (Carrier Pre-select) enables existing BT customers to specify an alternative carrier for the billing of outgoing calls without leaving BT or altering their existing phone set-up. This usually translates into savings of 30% - 70% on call charges.

Once SMARTtalk has established the best carrier for your organisation, BT themselves set-up the service via your local exchange. You have the option to make a further 15% saving on line rental via our carriers. Either way, BT remain responsible for maintaining your lines and BT 1xxx services such as call waiting, call minder, call diver etc will continue to work as normal.

CPS was instigated by OFTEL and was officially launched in January 2002. To date 50% of small and medium businesses are still unaware of CPS (Source: OFTEL visit for the full story)

SMARTtalk is not tied to any particular carrier, in fact we actually recommend BT Packages where appropriate. This means we can provide impartial advise that ultimately provides the most cost-effective solution for your business. Note: we only recommend the best of the Tier-1 carriers that guarantee service levels on par with BT.

CPS is ideal for both single and multi-site organisations and is compatible with most types of phone lines including ISDN. Best of all, CPS guarantees ALL calls are charged at the discounted rates without having to rely on auto-diallers, fiddling with a customers PBX/switchboard or the need to enter an access code each time you wish to make a call.

SUMMARY By removing the need for additional equipment or an access code, CPS has removed all problems surrounding alternative carriers. Furthermore CPS is nothing more than a 20 minute form filling exercise with NO set-up costs, NO minimum contracts to commit to, NO service charges, NO additional equipment, NO disruption to your current phone service and NO reduction in service levels.

To find out more or book your 20 minute appointment, call sales on 020 8742 0321

15% cost-savings on BT line rental and other BT charges

A simple proposition - PAY LESS for your existing BT lines and other BT services, with NO reconfiguration whatsoever. BT remain responsible for maintaining your lines and managing any extra services you subscribe to or require in the future

To find out more contact sales on 020 8742 0321 email any queries to Line Rental

Non-geographic, Freephone & Premium rate numbers

0844, 0845 & 0870 numbers - Numbers that work in tandem with your existing telephone numbers - NO set-up costs, NO monthly fees, NO minimum contract, NO additional equipment, PLUS receive ongoing revenue from incoming calls including calls to any existing 0845 & 0870 numbers you own.

Intelligent Routing - Decide how incoming calls are handled and routed
  • Have incoming calls routed to specific numbers by - Time of Day - Day of Week - Day of Year - On Busy - Cli - Percentage Distribution
  • Have incoming calls intelligently routed to the appropriate department, person or mobile phone
  • Have incoming calls forwarded to a voice answering service when lines are busy or the office is closed with the option to access your messages via any phone or PC

    To find out more contact sales on 020 8742 0321 email any queries to Intelligent Routing

  • Data Services

    Leased Lines - NOVATION - Slash the cost of existing Leased Lines with no reconfiguration whatsoever or the need to end any existing contracts. NB: BT will continue to maintain your lines

    ADSL/SDSL/DataStream - Provides permanent Internet connectivity with speeds up to 40 times faster than a standard modem. Installed on a standard phone line, it provides you with simultaneous telephony and unmetered, fixed charge Internet connectivity. Click here for more information.

    MPLS, VPNs, Frame Relay, VoIP, IP Telephony, etc...
  • Evaluate if a VPN or WAN is the right option for your business - Do you have several sites/home-workers?
  • Improve your application performance across networks without increasing bandwidth costs
  • Explore the benefits of converging voice and data services over your network
  • Benefit from a Fully Managed Network Service and/or Managed Hardware Service

    To find out more contact sales on 020 8742 0321 email any queries to Data Services

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How will you route calls from my premises?
    Will you automatically update my call tariffs?
    How often do you review call tariffs?
    Will you provide me with a single bill?
    Can you offer special rates to mobile phones?
    How long does it take to set-up an account?
    Can you offer a fully managed service?
    What happens if a carrier experiences a network problem?
    How will I be billed, monthly, quarterly or annually?
    Is your billing in advance or in arrears?
    Is there a call set up charge?
    Is there a minimum call charge?
    What will our bill contain and can you provide billing by disk?
    Can you provide inbound call traffic data?
    Can you include Homeworkers?
    Do you provide call diversion facilities?
    Can you supply ISDN2/ISDN30 on your network?
    Are you able to offer Freephone and Non geographic services?
    What discount can you provide?
    Can I make savings on Line Rental charges?

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